texas roots. the ballet barre raised me. much quirk. believer. animal lover. camp hair enthusiast. dreamer. do’er.

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There is nothing better than a cup of black coffee while watching the sun rise in the mountains with your favorite companions who are always down for adventure. Throw in a long day on the trail + a homemade cinnamon roll, and I’m pretty sure that’s what Heaven on Earth is.

Let’s go back to where that transformed. At the time, a working college student + gym rat with a cardio problem, my love for running started on the roads at a city park in Houston during the summer of 2010. That love eventually transitioned onto the trails after following my heart to Colorado. 5 years later my love for adventure and a “go with your gut” mentality led me to whittling down my belongings to fit into 2 storage totes, a Patagonia backpack and has taken me to Flagstaff, Arizona.

 My affinity for trail running transformed from racing to iconic trail adventures with the best company I can find. My enthusiasm for adventure continues to grow after every discovery in authenticity, lesson in grit, strength, humility and friendship formed.

No matter if I’m “racing” or out for the adventure, I’m thankful for my journey. Whether it be comparable to buttery smooth single track or that technical rocky stuff that I’m continually striving to get better at. Always go with your gut, lead with love, and say, “YES!” to adventure.

Thank you for reading, and I hope you find something here to take with you. :)

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“Be the light.” – Matthew 5:14

“Sans limites!” (no limits) – Isadora Duncan.

12 thoughts on “about

  1. kandjcoloradoliving

    Glad you are enjoying Colorado! It’s not too shabby! Love to see what fellow Denver female runners are up to and the trails they hit up. I’m enjoying reading your blog and following your adventures.

  2. bonnie

    Hi! I just found your blog through your interview on Pavement Runner’s “An Easy 10 With…” and have loved skimming your site (your husband’s too)! …I think if we lived in the same place we’d be friends – we’re just north of you guys in the Canadian Rockies (although I’m American and my husband’s the Canadian). :) Looking forward to following your runs and stories!

  3. Rachel

    Hey there. I found your blog through just searching “marathon training” in wordpress. I love that you and your husband just quit your jobs and moved to CO. It’s something my husband and I think about — though we have baby in tow, so that might not be smart to just quit our jobs.

    Look forward to reading more!

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